Jacques Goijen

    The art dealer

    Demand on the art market is constantly affected by changing fashions. From conceptual art to neo-expressionism, the uninitiated are at a loss as to who to trust. That is why we are forever going back to more accessible, less tumultuous paintings, better suited to the desire for formal beauty.

    This is the niche that Jacques Goijen has chosen, as a collector and art dealer, expert in the post-impressionist Liège school of landscape painting.

    While the choice is dictated by the clairvoyance and opportunism of the dealer, it also reflects the deep sensibility of an art-lover.

    Jacques Goijen collects and rummages around… From auction houses to private individuals, not to mention exchanges with collectors or art dealers, he will go to any length to get hold of that special picture.

    Many thousands of pictures were produced in Liège between 1880 and 1940 to no great public acclaim, with artists such as Heintz, Raty, Jamar, Bonvoisin, Baues and many others giving expression to their delicate feelings.

    What they have portrayed is a way of life and a culture made of tranquillity and unfailing attachment to their corner of the world and fondness for a form of serenity from days gone by.

    Jacques Goijen is under their charm but it is a passion with a challenge. He is out to defend that period of Liège's painting heritage that has unjustly been tossed aside by passing fads, and also to prove wrong all those who refused to believe in that young passionate art-lover.

    43 years
    of experience
    + de 250
    sold works
    of paintings